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Thoughts on the Donnie Deutsch experience

by John on September 28th, 2008 at 9:28 PM  8 Comments


We are finally back from the Donnie Deutsch show and the All Candy Expo, what a busy week. I finally have some time to talk a little bit about my experience on Donnie Deutsch.

First I am thankful for the experience and everyone was quite nice. Troy, Brian, Pam, Dr. Love, the bundt cake women, and I hung out before the show and everyone was very nice and are all great people. We didn't see Kevin until the shoot, but he was so genuinely kind on the set that it put me at ease.

In regard to the show I think it went really, really well. I didn't want to defend Crackheads to much as I thought the segment might get cut if I pointed out that Donnie apparently didn't do ANY background research on the product or target market. Crackheads is a humorous gourmet product and I think everyone had a good laugh with it. Heck, Crackheads and Kevin Nealon? AWESOME.

I think Donnie missed to boat on the products intended market. Our target market is not mass retail, of course some people have an issue with the name. The target market is 18 to 45ish tech savvy individuals(although if you are outside this range that is ok too). Next I do not think there is a problem with children buying and eating this product any more than a the potential of a child to purchase a cup of coffee or energy drink and ingest it. Little kids generally don't like coffee and should not be ingesting caffeine anyway. Crackheads is not marketed or packaged to appeal to children either. Blather Blather.

Donnie was very nice but didn't talk to any of us before the show, he was pretty much all business. I honestly don't see how Donnie could give an endorsement of the product even if he did like it as he could/would be scrutinized for it.

Crackheads isn't meant to just make a buck and changing the name would be like changing who you are, you just can't do it. Believe me, we have kicked around hundred's of names that we could use to make a more politically correct version of Crackheads. We will always keep Crackheads, although we may introduce another name that is more politically correct in the future. However the product will not be something called, "Energy Beans", or "Zoom Zoom Balls". Do you really think we would have gotten on the show with a name like that? P-shaw. Boring.

Crackheads is unique from many aspects, not just the name. First the product is definitely gourmet, but not in stuffy gourmet packaging. I hear people calling other people Crackheads all the time, heck on the show you see the comedic aspects of "Crackheads" come out, even Donnie chuckled.

Someone also posted the clip on YouTube, which can be seen at:

Click Here

Also, thank you for all of the orders and e-mails with suggestions, they are all very helpful!

EDIT: Added 5-30-08

I forgot to comment on the "mass market saying no to anything with an illegal drug reference" that Donnie mentioned in the show. Umm, did no one mention that Kevin Nealon's hit show, "The Weeds" is about drug dealers? Also, the best selling DVD release of a tv series of all time is Dave Chapelle, which has quite a few comedic crackhead references in it as well. Also These DVD's along with candy cigarettes and candy chewing product(Which I think is a no no) are sold to the masses without complaint. Crazy, whoda thunk.

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